Well, It all started with a small pepper and herb garden that got out of control.
It was June of 2001 in Rincon Puerto Rico, my backyard pepper and herb garden was reaping the benefits from the flat surf and rainy weather. I would harvest the peppers and herbs and take them to the Lazy Parrot to experiment with flavor combinations. After several attempts to create a hot sauce that would compliment food rather than destroy it I found the secret mix.

I had been the chef at the Lazy Parrot for over 6 years and always looking for something new to add to the menu. At first I would serve the sauce before meals with a basket of fresh corn tortilla chips. People started asking to buy the sauce, I would sell it in to-go containers for $5 each. A little research and a few phone calls, Rincon Heat was born! All the bottling was done in the Lazy Parrot kitchen after hours, the labels and heat seals were done into the early morning hours at my house with a few friends and lots of beer! The sauce was a local favorite and really started to sell in the local gift shops.

After watching Surfrider save one of my favorite surfing spots in Puerto Rico (Tres Palmas) and the ongoing fight they have with offshore drilling and dredging in Florida it was only natural to give something back. 1% of total sales go directly to the Surfrider foundation to help their mission. Every little bit helps, so hook up your food and your local beach.

Try it on Everything!
!!NEW!! Try our new Louisiana Recipe!

Rincon Heat - Louisiana Recipe

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